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Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen More Frequently and are More Damaging than Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation for many due to their ease of mobility, price, convenience, and style. Unfortunately, despite their positive attributes and versatility, motorcycles are often a dangerous form of transportation that is more likely to be involved in crashes and whose drivers are more likely to sustain serious and life-threatening injuries from accidents. Statistically, motorcycles get in far more crashes every year than other motor vehicles. The United States National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that the risk of a fatal crash for motorcycles is 35 times greater than other vehicles. This considerable risk is due to a number of factors, all of which drivers, motorcycle or otherwise, should be aware.

  • Motorcycles lack the safety features of other vehicles. Cars are equipped with certain safety features that motorcycles inherently do not possess. The metal frames of cars are a huge factor that prevents a lot of injuries in minor accidents. Without such a frame, motorcycle drivers feel the full impact of the crash directly with their bodies, resulting in more frequent and severe injuries. Seat belts also prevent passengers from being thrown from the vehicles in the event of a crash, which motorcycles do not possess, making motorcyclists far more likely to be thrown during crashes and sustain serious injuries.
  • Other drivers do not see motorcyclists like they do other vehicles. Drivers are trained to look out for other cars and trucks, and often, drivers simply do not see the motorcyclist near them, especially when they are turning. This oversight is due to the size of motorcycles, their swift movements, and issues in our perception and sight when it comes to recognizing motorcycles on the road. Evidently, drivers not seeing motorcycles contributes to more crashes, and consequently more injuries.
  • Motorcycles are more susceptible to hazardous road conditions. When motorcycles lose traction because of rain or sleet or slip into a pothole in the road, they are more likely to flip along their long axis in a type of accident called a highsider. Four wheel vehicles have more stability to keep level in these situations and prevent flipping, but due to the two-wheel design of motorcycles and their light weight, they are more susceptible to flipping and losing control, particularly during bad weather and with other adverse road conditions.

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