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Myths about Sobering Up

It is not uncommon for individuals to drink enough alcohol that it becomes unsafe for them to operate a motor vehicle. When this happens, it can be tempting for some to try to accelerate the process of sobering up. Unfortunately, most – if not all – tips for sobering up are nothing more than myths. They may make an intoxicated person feel better for a moment, but they do not actually affect blood alcohol content, nor do they make it safer for that person to drive a car.

Common Misconceptions

Rumors and myths about how to quickly sober up abound. Any one of these may make you feel a bit better, but they do not cancel out the work that alcohol has done to depress your central nervous system, causing problems with reaction times, judgment, and sensory perception. As such, it may be even more dangerous to use these methods, as they can trick you into feeling as though you are ready to drive. Some of the most common sobering up myths include:

  • Engaging in moderate exercise, with the idea that one will sweat out the alcohol
  • Drinking coffee or consuming caffeine in other forms
  • Eating foods that will “absorb” the alcohol
  • Taking in fresh air or being doused in cold water

If an individual has been drinking, he or she should not try and cut corners in order to be able to drive sooner. The smartest and safest option is to have a designated driver.

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