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Hands-Free Cell Phone Safety

A lot of emphasis has been made recently regarding the safety advantages of using a hands free device to make calls while driving. States like California and Washington have even enacted laws banning cell phone use while driving, unless the driver is using a hands free device.

These measures unfortunately reinforce the false concept that hands free calls are safe no matter what the circumstances. The truth of the matter is that the cognitive distraction caused by engaging in a cell phone conversation as much of an issue as the act of manipulating a cell phone.

Cell Phone Facts

Traffic scientists have shown that talking while driving creates a significant impairment and increases the risk of accidents and injury. Some of the dangers associated with making calls include:

  • Drivers talking on the phone, hand-held or otherwise, react 18% more slowly than intoxicated drivers.
  • During calls and for 10 minutes after the calls completion, drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Activity in the parietal lobe of the brain, robust under normal conditions, declines by 40% when the language centers of the brain are engaged.
  • Drivers engaged in listening tasks veer off the road onto the shoulder 50% more often than those focusing exclusively on driving.

This data clearly indicates that while eliminating the physical act of manipulating a cell phone certainly is beneficial to driver safety, the root problem of driver distraction is not solved by the use of hands free devices.

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