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Crumple Zones

The engineers who design cars have long been aware that one of the best ways to sell cars is to make them as safe as possible. As a way to make cars as safe as possible, they came up with the crumple zone.

The crumple zone is part of a car that is designed to crumple or compress in the event of an accident. Cars typically have one crumple zone at the front and another at the back. This way, the passengers are protected whether the accident occurs at the front or the back of the car. Crumple zones are designed to reduce the total amount of energy that is transferred to the passengers of the car in an accident.

Through physics, we know that the action of crumpling uses some of the energy that a car has prior to an accident. If the crumple zones use the energy to crumple or bend or compress, then that energy is not available to do damage to the passengers of the car or to the frame of the passenger compartment.

Alas, front crumple zones cannot crumple quite as well as the rear crumple zone, are there are a number of completely solid items that just will not bend. The engine in particular is not likely to crumple. As a result, the engine compartment must be designed in a way that minimizes the risks of the engine ending up in the front seat of the car.

One downside of crumple zones is that they have been known to overreact to accidents. That is to say, they completely crumple even in a somewhat minor accident. This increases the repair costs and the amount of time a person is without his or her car.

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