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Airbag Injuries

Airbags are great inventions that have done much to prevent head injuries and other impact injuries inside of a car in the event of an accident. While they have done much to reduce the number of injuries caused by a person’s head or forehead making contact with the dashboard, the steering wheel, or the interior of the car in general, they have been known to cause injuries on their own.

The majority of airbag injuries are minor injuries that are nothing more than a bump or some scrapes from the airbag. But sometimes serious or severe injuries do occur. These injuries are incurred because of the speed with which an airbag deploys. The airbag has to deploy quickly to be of any use to the individuals in the car at all. If it deploys too slowly, it misses the split second opportunity to prevent impact.

In the event of an airbag injury, the most common injuries are burns, abrasions and scrapes, and some broken facial bones. The impact between the body and the airbag is not going to be gentle considering both parties in the collision are moving at elevated speeds.

The greatest cause of airbag injuries is that they are not designed for the average occupant of a car. When testing airbags in crash tests and car designs, the car companies and test companies alike use a 5’10” male that weighs around 180 pounds. As this does not take into account anyone taller or shorter than the “standard” person, or even a person of the opposite sex, airbag tests are not conducted in a way that provides truly accurate details.

The tests are so off that it has been determined that a woman driving a car has to exceed 40 miles per hour before the prevented injuries from the airbag would be less serious than injuries in the event of no airbag.

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