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5 Common Seatbelt Myths

Seatbelt use has been improving over the last several years, aided in part by extensive public service advertising campaign. It is hard to know for sure, but it may be that many people are choosing to buckle up because they want to avoid a ticket. However, stories about being trapped inside cars by seatbelts or tall tales about how safe it is to be thrown clear of the wreck abound. The following are five seatbelt-related myths and clarifications regarding each.

  • MYTH: There might be a fire after an accident, so it is better to be thrown clear.
    • FACT: Motorists are 25 times more likely to die if ejected from the vehicle
  • MYTH: A seatbelt can lock up and trap an individual in a car that is on fire or sinking in water.
    • FACT: This has happened only very rarely, and if you are knocked unconscious in the crash (more likely if you are not belted), you will not be able to react to these situations.
  • MYTH: A seatbelt is likely to cause broken bones or internal injuries.
    • FACT: Seatbelts rarely cause serious injuries unless they are defective or malfunctioning, and when they do, it is likely that the person would have been injured much more seriously without a belt.
  • MYTH: Seatbelts are uncomfortable.
    • FACT: Products are available that make belts more comfortable, but in large part this myth is due to the fact that people are simply not in the habit of wearing belts.
  • MYTH: Driving slowly through residential areas is safe and does not require a seatbelt.
    • FACT: The majority of accidents happen at slow speeds close to home. If a vehicle going 30 mph is in an accident and the driver is not wearing a seatbelt, the force of impact against the windshield or steering column is as it would be in the event of a fall from the top of a 3-story building.

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