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4 Ways to Avoid Deer Collisions

A near-miss with a deer on the highway is a scary experience, usually accompanied with uncomfortable thoughts of what could have been. Deer collisions are serious accidents that usually involve significant damage to vehicles, but the true danger comes from the potential for other cars to become involved in the accident, multiplying the damage a great deal.

How to Stay Safe around Deer

Safe driving around areas known to have deer populations is based on awareness and preparation. With just a few small tweaks to your normal driving behavior, you’ll be taking long strides toward keeping yourself and anyone around you safe in the event of a deer crossing. Keep the following in mind whenever you drive through areas that are populated by deer:

  • Be aware of where you are. Many areas display yellow warning signs with the image of a jumping deer on it, indicating that it is very likely that a deer could run across the road in that area.
  • Manage your speed carefully. The best way to avoid a collision with a deer is to firmly brake to a halt and stop short of the animal. This is only possible if you choose a speed at which you can stop inside the area illuminated by your headlights.
  • Fight the urge to swerve. Swerving around the animal is a natural response when faced with a deer in your path, but this method of avoidance actually increases the danger of an accident. Other drivers will not be expecting your sudden maneuver, and a serious multi-car accident may result.
  • Use your flashers. If an accident does occur, it’s important to make sure that other drivers know to be cautious. Engage your caution lights to ensure that the situation doesn’t worsen.

Unfortunately, not every driver can be counted on to drive safely around deer populations, and they may involve other, innocent motorists in an accident.

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